Serial I-Tech (Far East) Pte. Ltd. (“SIFE”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group, distributes information technology, mobile, photographic and timepiece products.

Headquartered in Singapore, it distributes a wide range of globally-renowned brands including Apple, Jabra, Marumi, LUXA2 and Fossil. With a satellite office in the prosperous Middle East, SIFE provides a convenient gateway for suppliers looking to establish a foothold in that area.






Corporate Values

  • Our Vision
    To be the leading electronics component distribution partner, known for our dynamic demand creation activities, extensive network and strong local expertise.
  • Our Mission
    To provide a wealth of growth opportunities for our stakeholders.
  • Towards our partners
    We provide market insights to our business partners to enable faster time-to-market. To our suppliers, we help expand their market reach. To our customers, we provide innovative and competitive solutions.
  • Towards our staff
    By empowering our staff with the right resources and looking after their well-being, we help them to be their best at work, grooming them to be our leaders of tomorrow.
  • Towards our shareholders
    We strive to make steady progress in every aspect of our business, providing our shareholders with consistent and favourable dividend yields.
  • Towards our Community
    By staying in touch with the community, we are able to contribute in ways that are close to their needs.
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